5 Must Have Tools for a Beekeeper

5 Must Have Tools for a Beekeeper


If you want to become a beekeeper, professionally or just for fun, you will need a few tools. Here are the 5 tools I could not live without:

1. Full Suit including mask: this seems like a no-brainer.  Do not attempt to approach any bees without a full beekeeper suit including a mask.  You may have seen videos of beekeepers doing it without a suit.  They have been doing this for years and understand the bees' behaviors.  Trust me, wear a suit so you don't get stung!

2. Gloves: gloves are just as important as a full suit.  They will protect your hands from bee stings.  They will also come in handy when you start handling the frames of honey.

3. Smoker: the smoker is used to calm the bees down.  When opening a hive, it is very helpful to have a smoker ready to go.  Take the lid off the hive and immediately smoke the bees.  It will calm them down so you can examine the hive.  Continue smoking as needed, but try not to overdue it. 

4. Beekeeper multi tool: the multitool has many uses.  You can pry open stuck lids, you can scrape unwanted honeycomb, you can remove frames, and much much more.

5. Journal: journal can be something you overlook, but it is very important.  After each hive examination, take notes of the condition of the bees, the brood, the honeycomb. It is always helpful to have this information written down.


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